The Leadership coaching you have been waiting for to transform your organization.


After decades of research and observation of what makes followers attribute charisma to a leader and how leaders inspire, and transform followers and the whole organization, we embarked on this creative model!

Neocharismatic Leadership® 

10 Behavioral Roles

3 Transformational Stages


Your ethical framework reviewed, your decision making process identified and reviewed, your organizational core values activated, all during 12 coaching sessions. Roll up your sleeves and let's get practical. No more training courses, books to read and advices from others. 

Why use Neocharismatic Leadership®

Here are some benefits from taking this coaching program with us:

Your Personal Leadership Coach

You are your own expert and have the resources inside you to learn, create, experiment with action plans. Your coach is trained to support this creative, thought-provoking process. Why be in a training course when you can have a coach for you only?

Get your EQ leadership assessment

You will lead with your own Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by Coaching your Thoughts and Emotions® , by recognizing them and building your self-awareness and empathy skills. We support you through that with one of the best EQ assessments and can even arrange a 360 for you so you can learn more about how others see you. 

Get other 360 assessment too:

Leadership Circles®

Cultural Intelligence

or get your Team Diagnostic Survey


Learn Neocharismatic Leadership® 

based on research and the newly published paradigm-breaking book of Dr Angawi, you will get all the support you need to acquire these behavioral roles customized to your own needs and context. You will get an action plan that will sustain your progress over a lengthy period of time.  

You will get a FREE copy of the book 'Neocharismatic Leadership'

The book contains 32 self coaching sessions packed with practical questions that will enlighten you to examine the unexamined, support your personal growth and give you continuous inspiration towards your purpose. 

Neocharismatic leadership® is a sequence of behavioral roles that influence followers and reflect an idealized, unique vision through altruism and ethical standards.

القيادة التحويلية Transformational leadership

Why do they follow you?

It is easy to push poeple around and does not require too much effort. All you need to do is tell them what to do! But pulling them towards achieving the vision requires great strength and role-modeling of what you are asking them to be. There are few things Neocharismatic leaders do. One being sensitive to people's needs and aspirations. In the following article Angawi, tells us more about this integral role.


Coaches need to be aware of the ever changing landscape of the business or social context where leaders operate. Transformation is not a choice now, it is a state of being which a leader need to navigate constantly. With that in mind, a coach must address what leaders want. Read the following article to learn more. 

What do leaders need the most? 

Leaders own a wealth of experiences and creative solutions that no one else has. A coach is skilled at putting these resources to use, doubling potential and capitalizing on strength. 

A leader most importantly requires an ethical frame of reference to support them in taking good sound and ethical decisions. Most leaders are on a scale of altruism varying in relation to their context and culture. But with support from a Neocharismatic coach, they can become clearer on what matters most to them and the poeple they serve. watch the first video to learn about Neocharismatic coaching with the ethical approach and the second to learn about Angawi's own style of coaching. 

What Others Say


Personally these sessions gave me good opportunities to reflect on my goals in relation to building confidence in a few key areas. It was wonderful to have a sounding board as I experimented!

Anna Olson

Academia, Executive, Government, HR, Recruitment & Training


Ghada is incredibly discerning and has an innate ability to lean in on what needs attention. She is personable, sharp and absolutely effective!

Ben Furgenson 

CEO, Concrete Production Company


Ghada Angawi coached me on issues of leadership in order for me to be more effective. She used a tool to help me understand my own tendencies and what aspects of myself I rely on. The focus was on using my strengths while being aware of other perspectives which could expand my understanding and impact on others.

Emma Stewart 

Healthcare Leader/Coach


At the beginning I wasn't convinced by the solutions based on training & development. When I worked with the talented coach Dr. Angawi and got positive results out of our sessions, that transformed how I view leadership development.  

Mohammad M.

Military Leader


“Ghadah was an incredible asset to me personally and my team as a whole. In the time we spent together everyone improved in both the way we communicated and our performance metrics. Her process for building and improving by identifying individual’s roles in the group, their strengths and opportunities allowed us to really come together as a team. The powerful questions and exercises she used helped to improve not only individuals in the group, but our overall effectiveness as a team. I feel I am a stronger coach for having worked with Ghadah, and because the system is one of continuous improvement, my team will to use the techniques we learned to better ourselves for years to come.”

Mark Moore

Marketing Manager & Team Leader

How do you make Ethical Decisions ?

There is nothing that prepares you for a moment of doubt and emotional challenge except your awareness of your sense of direction in that moment. Great leadership always comes back to that clarity and ability to tap into your own intuition. Nevertheless, good coaching prepares you to have that ability to discern. The combination of coaching and the knowledge you gain around Neocharismatic Leadership® gives you insight in the path of decision- making. 

      In 2006, I took off in a journey with my family to accomplish my Ph.D. in the United Kingdom. I was occupied with one question: "How do effective leaders behave during transformation?" 

      Being an educator with an MSc in Education for Sustainability, I was naturally drawn to educational institutions and the leaders that are steering them. My supervisor Sir David Watson asked me to consider Ethical Leadership as a theoretical approach to my research.  Since then, it has become my passion. 

      My whole life revived around the concept and it enlightened my personal and career life. I had to turn opportunities down to preserve my core values and ethical standard and I endured a great deal of challenge on a personal level. 

       In 2016, the USA became my home. I started my company and authored four books on the subject of leadership. I now bring this leadership niche to you in its practical, applicable form through coaching.  

Ghadah Angawi


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10 behavioral roles in 3 transformational stages

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Use it when listening to the podcast.