Learn to lead with altruism, true intention and awareness… even if you have no followers yet!

When you accomplish your vision, you realize that the journey was worth it. Right now, there are great challenges and doubts. It has been a difficult year. But you are not alone...

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Neocharismatic Leadership® Group Coaching - your circle of confidence and power!

      The program consists of monthly 2-3 hours sessions over 12 months for a year with other leaders. In the sessions, you get to experience Neocharismatic Leadership® Group Coaching with an intimate group of dedicated leaders and two expert leadership coaches. You'll first take an EQ self assessment and your 360 Leadership Circles which included in this program, then meet with us for a 90-minute session to review your personal challenges and draft a Personal Development Plan (PDP) suited to your needs over the year. You will also take part in a mission-critical project with your group to deliver in real-life. Collaboration is the key to building a high performing team in your Neocharismatic Leadership® journey. yes you will become a team with this highly senior leader's group. 

      You will also get one-on-one coaching ( bought separately with a discount), or even individualized coaching to address your personal challenges in complete anonymity and privacy. To make this relevant, you will bring your own organizational issues and the challenges that face you every day to arrive at the solutions you want to immediately implement. You can expand with us and go anywhere and everywhere. Let us empower you forward.

Do you feel overwhelmed with leadership advice in a time of complete VUCA*?

 Is making the right decisions seems daunting as you transform your organization for virtual and online operation, cyber security, and meeting the objectives you are accountable for? 

*VUCA is  an acronym for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

The problems we are facing as leaders

In the middle of this VUCA world, whether you are a small business start-up, a team leader, or an executive at a large organization, you are bound to feel lonelyunclear, and surrounded by doubts around: 

  • The safety of employees, teams, and their families
  • Income security and keeping jobs
  • Business prosperity and profitability
  • Adaptability to the new norms and tools for business 
  • Connecting using online platforms while building trust and creditability
  • Recreating the organizational vision and redirecting its activities, products and services to where there are new opportunities
  • Finding unique resources for existing or new projects
  • Navigating grey areas to avoid unethical decisions 

The list goes on... and Leaders are still experiencing these challenges, but standing still and doing nothing, or more of the same, will bring you back to this moment without progress.  Your pains won't go away simply because you are trying harder, and a failure of leadership with this reactive approach is inevitable.

Imagine the loss or damage that could be the result of one simple decision or action. Your judgement may be affected by the state of fear triggered by the roadblocks that may arise, the stress of having to meet multiple deadlines or, or simply feeling accountable to a superior or a stakeholder who is as worried and stressed as you are. The consequences will be severe and recovery will be near impossible in some instances. 

How would you feel when there are serious consequences because of a wrong decision you made, such as a loss of income for employees and their families? or a loss of products and a wasting of resources?

how would that make you feel?

What results you like to get?

Imagine that your pains have been addressed and dealt with, leaving you confident, assertive, and in control. Imagine you are getting the collaboration and performance you always wanted from your teams and followers. What if inspiring and motivating others became second nature to you? What if business objectives are met regularly and metrics are on the up? What if you recreated your organizational vision anew and reengaged your team?

Every leader wants to succeed, but success does not happen without investing in your own self first in order to tackle the problems, achieve the objectives, and fulfill the needs and aspirations of others. You already know that you need to think differently, and you need to do that quickly and precisely.

A simple, affordable solution 

There is an innovative, enjoyable new method to get you to where you want to be in your leadership. This method is delivered for the benefit of leaders just like you by experienced coaches just like us. We possess the knowledge to provide solutions for the niche in your field, and the experiences of cultural and organizational diversity to support you in creating the right solutions for your leadership.

The Neocharismatic Leadership® Group Coaching Program can be the ideal experiential development program this year.


When a group of expert leaders feed each other creative solutions and design strategies together, their strength and years of knowledge and experiences are combined, this makes for incredibly effective sessions.


When masterminds are diverse in their personalities, experiences and perceptions, the outcomes are fully examined and well rounded. When they each come from a different organizational context and are not bound by a shared workspace, their desire to succeed together becomes their compelling purpose; to support each other and to win no matter the challenge. 


We invest time, rather than money. This is more valuable for our growth and competency development. We realize that we are accountable towards each other. This alone brings immeasurable achievements. Our collective worth is invaluable. 


As we build trust and creditability, we let go of our guards. We become transparent, and use our courage to challenge ourselves more. The group is a lab where we try our own skills and test our solutions in a safe, non-judgmental environment. 


The key to effective leadership is self-awareness. It is the journey that you see inside you and who you are. In the group sessions, you get to observe yourself as we take you through a set of coaching activities. You will master this easier when you are in that safe space rather than if you were in your own work environment, yet you will notice the difference in your professional work context.


As your self-awareness increases so does your sensitivity to the context and what goes on around you. You develop better judgment and decision making, while continuing to re-evaluate your leadership path. This is the year for your personal vision and noble goal or purpose to be defined and articulated. You get to clarify your ethical and moral values through your true altruism. 


While you may think you are empathetic, your default is what you've known all your life. Here you will be coached to master three levels of empathy that give you emotional intelligence leadership and the ability to influence your followers in a positive and authentic way. You may be surprised to hear that others will attribute Neocharisma to you as a result of your ability to coach. 


Before you know it, you are a Neocharismatic Leader going through three stages and ten behavioral roles cyclically and constantly. You will use the model as you progress with others and get to explore new dimensions of it in your own galaxy. If you complete the one-on-one sessions with us, you will earn a Practitioner in Neocharismatic Leadership™ certificate. 


You can't lead without followers and certainly without your own team. While we are focused on group coaching, the group will naturally evolve from session one or two to a strong team fulfilling the 6 Team Conditions. Making it easy for you to learn them and use them in your own context with your own team. 


It is our privilege to have worked with previous Neocharismatic Leaders. This is the time to connect them to you so you can benefit from their experiences and added knowledge. We are launching a mentoring scheme through this year where you get to be paired with one NCL mentor (optional with own price) in your own field. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Your discovery session, personal assessment and PDP 

This is around 90-minutes of a specifically tailored one-on-one session that we conduct as part of your orientation and personal development plan or (PDP). This will be evaluated regularly as you proceed with the sessions.


Access to two experienced leadership coaches in 12 group coaching sessions

Learning through coaching is much more powerful than having to listen to information that may not be applicable to you in a training room. Coaching is a thought-provoking partnership that brings you to higher levels of self-awareness and creativity so you can craft the solutions that suit you the best. 

Learn the Neocharismatic Leadership® model

This knowledge and research is brought to you without the effort of reading or training. Your skills will naturally come to life through observation. You will experience profound personal transformation.

you will practice the model from day one as a professional. This knowledge will immediately be transferred to your personal and work life. You can also get the book as part of the program through us only.

Coach your Thoughts and Emotions® Platform

A fully dedicated learning platform completely online and at your own pace to support your personal self-awareness growth and development. 40 hours of 5 learning tracks packed with videos, audio, worksheets, quizzes and an exciting discoveries of how our brain works and why we do what we do. This is available for you at no extra cost. Worth $1500 on tis own. 

An EQ Leadership self-assessment 

Emotional Intelligence is an important assessment for leaders. It can point you in the direction where you need to develop and focus your efforts. You will get a 20-page report with a full action plan. As we coach you, you will first be debriefed on the report and then use the learning to inform your NCL journey during the program. 

A leadership Circles 360 assessment

The Leadership Circles 360 is meant to measure your leadership competencies and takes you to your next level of performance. It is a well known assessment that only senior leaders around the world take to support them in their transformational organizational journey. This is available for you at no cost, and worth $1500 on tis own. 


You will have access to other products that we offer with a 10% discount throughout your presence in the course and a 5% discount after you are done for a year's time. This is because we want you to come back. We believe that coaching is not a one-stop solution but a lifetime investment in your well-being and balance. Our favorite recommendation for the beginning of the year is to engage in one-on-one coaching with a  35% discount as a group coaching member.


We like to celebrate your success with you. We will offer you a certificate of achievement for the program and if you decide to take one-on-one coaching, you will become a Level 1 practitioner of Neocharismatic Leadership. This combination guarantees that you are on an amazing learning path towards excellence and global influence. your graduation is also a mark in time for your membership in Okool™.

Here’s what people are saying about the

Neocharismatic Leadership®  Group Coaching 

Brain Burke

Market Manager 

“Ghadah was an incredible asset to me personally and my team as a whole. In the time we spent together everyone improved in both the way we communicated and our performance metrics. Her process for building and improving by identifying individual’s roles in the group, their strengths and opportunities allowed us to really come together as a team. The powerful questions and exercises she used helped to improve not only individuals in the group, but our overall effectiveness as a team. I feel I am a stronger coach for having worked with Ghadah, and because the system is one of continuous improvement, my team will to use the techniques we learned to better ourselves for years to come.”

Katie Drescher JD

Drescher Coaching & Consulting

"Thank you so much for the wonderful webinar. Your work is more important now than ever. The presentation was a huge success that helped to nudge the participants forward wherever they were on the cross cultural awareness spectrum. Your high level of professionalism coupled with your easy going nature created trust and safety for attendees to go deep and see new perspectives".

What is Neocharismatic Leadership® Group Coaching focused on?

Let us  introduce to you the 12 monthly sessions of 2-3 hrs. Here are the session contents in a nutshell!


First Month

Assessments & FREE discovery session with IDP

This is where you will be assessed using EQ and LC360. You will be debriefed by by our coaches and supported to craft your individual development plan, which will support your leadership development throughout the program. This is your cornerstone to progress which will be reviewed monthly if you decide to enroll in a one-on-one coaching program. The 90 min is a IDP.


Group Session 1: Setting the stage 

You will collectively create common goals and deliverables with your NCL coaching group just as a team on the ground would, setting the stage for success on your mission for the rest of the year. To do so, you will learn about your group and each other. You will discover shared values and beliefs, and write a communication charter. We will use the 6 Team Conditions as our model for moving forward together as a team. Coaching takes place here in a non-directive way. Be ready to be challenged by your leadership peers. Excellence ahead will depend on this meeting.


Second Month

Group session 2: Prerequisite building 

At the core of NCL is the concept of self-awareness. In this module we will take you through a series of reflective activities to support or refresh your ability to Coach your Thoughts and Emotions® based on Dr. Angawi's method of personal leadership coaching. Meanwhile, per your IDP, you will get to share your personal vision or noble goal in life. With self-awareness you can be confident that you only need a plan to execute your vision . Empathy is the third prerequisite that will be practiced from the first session and throughout all the sessions as you interact with the group. if you are being coached personally, this will come up in your own sessions. 


Third Month

Group session 3: Stage 1 - The Search for Opportunity 

Role #1: Assessing the Environment

This session is your most crucial in your entire NC leadership journey. Our aim is to support you in developing high sensitivity to changes, internal and external, local and global. You will simulate this is in your proposed project with your peers while noticing your own thoughts and emotions. You will express and listen to others with empathy. and get to notice how you are influenced. We will support you in crafting your own, real work goals around this role. 


Fourth Month

Group session 4: Stage 1 - The Search for Opportunity 

Role #2: Sensing People's Needs

When you get into action you may forget the keys to empathy. In this session, you will take you a step back to consider your followers' needs and include their perspective in the process. In order to make this session highly effective, you will be assigned tasks associated with this role in the previous session and will be supported in role playing how others view you as a leader to challenge how you deal with feedback and build followers' trust.


Fifth Month

Group session 5: Stage 1 - The Search for Opportunity 

Role #3: Challenging the Status quo

Context is very varied and is an ever-changing landscape not only from one place to another, but also as you communicate and interact. Context gives you an accurate reading of the status quo. you have been preparing for this for the past month and your decision to transform is well-developed and ready to be announced. You will get to bounce-off your peers the methods you are considering and examine pros and cons. This will take you halfway through your journey, a point of no-turning back. Once you announce to your own team or organization the way forward, you will truly have challenged the status quo. We will be there for you when you do this. But you need not worry, the path over the last four months has taken you to this moment and you are ready.


Sixth Month

Group session 6: Stage 2 - Formulating A Shared Vision

Role #4/5: Formulating a Shared Vision and articulation of the vision

You have been working towards this from the beginning. You know that a shared vision will mobilize your followers and unlock their potential. Probably, you have been talking about your own personal vision so far. You also did a great deal of work to recognize others' needs earlier. This is the time when you apply humility and address others aspirations, values, and needs. You will craft a plan for continuous vision-sharing and implementation across your organization. This will lead to the 'articulation of the vision' stage. There is plenty of ways you can do this as you get creative. From now on, you are done with the hard work of earning trust and all you need to do is to gather your resources.


Seventh Month

Group session 7: Stage 3 - Devising Means to Achieve the Vision

Role #6: Being Unconventional

What does unconventionality mean, why is it important? how do you mobilize others through it? This is the content of this session. You will creatively engage with others in a discussion of what stands in the way of what you think will unlock the potential in your organization. You will learn new ways of being unconventional in your own context and walk away with a detailed action plan. Your peers will coach you in-between sessions extensively to make sure you have a safety net to lean on when implementing. This is preparation for your last and biggest challenge. 


Eighth Month

Group session 8: Stage 3 - Devising Means to Achieve the Vision

Role #7: Taking Personal Risks

Bravery and taking risks may not be your natural comfort zone, yet you are ready to step into that realm. Retrospectively, the learning from the past seven months will exceed your expectations and be nothing less than excellence. We are here for this critical step where you may be jeopardized in the arena by others or at a disadvantage due to your ethical standards and altruism.  We will analyze together the dangers and threats of your situation and everyone in the group will be going through a similar phase. Many brave leaders have stopped here and never completely crossed that bridge. This is where a group coaching program supports with collective strength to reach that greener side of the fence.


Ninth Month

Group session 9: Stage 3 - Devising Means to Achieve the Vision

Role #8: Inspiring and Motivating

Strike while the iron is hot! You have just demonstrated to others what kind of leaders you expect them to be. They will listen to you with ease as they have witnessed first-hand how you took that huge leap of faith and stood up for their own needs and aspirations. Now at this stage you will learn how to demonstrate your empathy with near coaching-level expertise. Your own team needs to be in place and this is your chance to relaunch that team for the journey.


Tenth Month

Group session 10: Stage 3 - Devising Means to Achieve the Vision

Role #9: Encouraging Collaboration

While it is not easy to coach a team, we will provide you with basic analytical tools to help you understand group dynamics. You will get to reflect back on what we have done with your own group and learn from others' experiences. Most importantly you will be coached on difficult relationships in the team and how to resolve conflict through empathy and noble goals of which are the last stage of your EQ IDP if you have done the assessment or your own IDP. At this stage, if you have engaged with the one-on-one coaching, you will have more wind in your sails. If you have not, you may want to consider now the idea to further anchor your learning from the journey. We can  also conduct a full team assessment for you and debrief you on your own leadership team.


Eleventh Month

Group session 11: Stage 3 - Devising Means to Achieve the Vision

Role #9: Developing People

You realize by now that you have a long way to go with the development of people in your own organization having gone through development with us yourself and having experienced the effect of coaching and group coaching first hand. We will support you in building a strategy for people's development that will suit your context. In this session, you will also learn from others what has worked over the years with them. At the end, you will craft a strategy and review it over the month with all the group to move affirmatively in the direction you see fit for your own context. You are now a fully-fledged Neocharismatic leader who needs only their heightened sensitivity to the environment and people's needs to reach decisions that can change the course of their organizations. next is the last session of the year 2022,  it will have gone by fast!


Twelfth Month

Group session 12: Celebrating our wins 

No it's not a virtual party! It is in fact a celebration of souls and minds where we will review each member's IDP, and the year ahead action plan with the way forward. We have brought you together as an inseparable team. Some groups decide to continue together as a support team, others may come back for more coaching over the next year. Whatever your decision is, we create Mastermind groups called Okool™ that will continue on a small membership base. We switch members around if they wish to allow new networking opportunities but the members stay at the number 7 always. We value being part of your leadership journey and we will offer the best of our experiences as we grow with you through yours. This session is reflective and is where we capture all the learning and wins in a frame that will hang forever on your wall of fame!


What else is there in the program? 

Here are 6 great ways that you can increase the perceived value of your online NCT

Bonus 1
Okool™ membership for a year

It is all about interaction with others, after all there is no leadership without followers. We will provide an ongoing Mastermind group for all participants from all groups to come back and ask questions, discuss and bring insight to each other. You can even consult with like-minded people who are not in your own group but are in parallel success journey. 

Bonus 4
Extra sessions*

*Bought separately with great discounts, no time limits

You have an urgent matter and need to address it with one of our coaches on the spot, we will accommodate you and get you sorted.  Always at a lower rate and once we take you over that roadblock we will invoice you so you can pay at a later date. 

Bonus 7
External mentoring program

*Bought separately with great discounts, no time limits

To be announced later. 

Bonus 2
The one-on-one coaching of 12 sessions*

*bought separately with great discounts- time limits apply

1- Your EQ assessment and debrief.

2- Your self-awareness/personal vision session.

3- Review of your heightened sensitivity to others.

4- Your fears addressed.

5- Your personal Noble Goal crafted.

6- Your empathy: level 1.

7- Your empathy: level 2.

8- Your empathy: level 3.

9- Unconventional behavior session.

10- Taking Risks session.

11- Review of the model.

12- IDP reviewed and a year personal strategy drawing. 

Bonus 5
Get a bonus strategic planning session of 90 minutes

When you refer a client to us for any of the group or one-on-one coaching sessions or just an organization that wants its leaders to grow, we will give you a bonus session that you can take within 24 months.

Bonus 3
24/7 communication lines open 

We try to be there 24 hours, 7 days a week for you in between sessions through email, online chatting and uploading of your own personal worksheets or assignments and reviewing them on the platform with you through a specific chatbox that will open once you upload any assignment in any session. We are here for you the whole year. 

Bonus 6

*Bought separately with great discounts, no time limits 

There are an array of assessment that can be arranged depending on your own needs and your organizational needs. Each of the following has a self-assessment, 360-assesment and a group assessment:

1- Emotional Intelligence or EQ.

2- Cultural intelligence or CQ.

3- Team Diagnostic Survey or TDS.

4- DiSC assessments.

5- Leadership Circles 360.

Ghadah Angawi, Ph.D.

Leadership and team coach

A Leadership Expert with a focus on knowledge and learning across many professional roles in social, and Business organizations. An accomplished trainer, facilitator, and team coach. A strong knowledge base in adult and continuous professional development. Works from the inside out and challenges your beliefs and values to the core making ethical leadership easy and defined. Neocharismatic leadership is her life work and she is proud to make it possible for poeple to practice it at all levels. As a published author she continues to create customized and up-to-date creative solutions that supports her work worldwide. Ghadah Lives with her family in Virginia, USA.

Martin Hedley

Executive Coach and leadership development expert

Martin Hedley has been involved with leadership development since the early 1990’s. Frequently recognized as an outstanding leader himself, he continues to develop simple techniques to build insight into traits, competencies and opportunity that allow leadership to flourish in an individual unique way.

He helps leaders and emerging leaders achieve their missions, transforming quickly and effectively into positions of strength. He shows leaders how to maintain balance between organization, environment, community and sustainability in addition to maintaining balance between work and private lives.

Graduating from Newcastle University in 1977 and following a corporate executive career in airlines, financial services and healthcare, he became independent in 2002 and has been involved in learning and development ever since. He is a published author, holds several non-executive positions including a chair in healthcare and manages a learning and development company.

Martin is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Here’s what people are saying about the program coaches

Professor Z Almutiary

Dean of a college in a University

Neocharismatic and transformational journey

R. Fontaine

S. Director

Deep coaching

Ghada is incredibly discerning and has an innate ability to lean in on what needs attention. She is personable, sharp and absolutely effective!

Dina Markind

ICF Chapter President

Using Strengths 

Ghada Angawi coached me on issues of leadership in order for me to be more effective. She used a tool to help me understand my own tendencies and what aspects of myself I rely on. The focus was on using my strengths while being aware of other perspectives which could expand my understanding and impact on others.

Executive Leader

Academia, Executive, Government, HR, Recruitment & Training

Building Confidence

Personally these sessions gave me good opportunities to reflect on my goals in relation to building confidence in a few key areas. It was wonderful to have a sounding board as I experimented!

Get the Value for the Money you Pay

Enroll in both Group Coaching and NCL individual coaching!

Group Coaching Program

Get the benefit of one-for-all!

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  • 12 Session/ 2- 3 hours a month +90 min 1-on-1 PDP plan session
  • EQ 360 assessment for every leader
  • Online platform, chat, uploads, and resources
  • 10% Discount for all other services
  •  35% discount on one-on-one coaching accompanied this program.
  • membership in Okool™ after graduation.
One-on-one coaching program

Complement* the group program!

*Use code sent to you after you buy the group coaching program.



  • 13 session (90 min) over 9 months
  • Immediate Start
  • EQ 360 assessment  with the debrief session included in the hours above
  • Check-ins by email and text messages in between sessions
  • Flexible coaching plan
  • Discounted 35% in any month of the year if you take the group coaching plan.
regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call