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Neocharismatic Team Coaching Program NTCP™

Leadership and organizational development research emphasize the importance of human relationships in achieving high performance and desired organizational outcomes through teams and system relations. Consequently, leaders and coaching alike are learning the team coaching skills which introduces them to group dynamics and systemic coaching using a specific set of competencies. Meeting those competencies requirement is not just an accreditation demand but also a refined set of leadership skills that prepares you as a leader for your next level of career move. Our team coaching program provides rigorous training in both Arabic/English language.

Is it for Leaders?

If you are stressed and finding yourself always intervening and supporting the team to reach its potential. If you find that the team is miss aligned and lacks collaboration at the level it is required to. If your team relations are toxic and competition is in place creating more conflicts. If the team is not creative enough and lacks the motivation to be innovative. It is time for you to ramp up your skills and coach the team. 

Coaching skills not only offers conversational group dynamic approaches but rather examine and diagnose the underlaying causes of team dysfunctionality. The course progresses to support you as a leader in designing and re-launching the team. Based on the science and art of team coaching, you will walk away transformed and ready to give your team their best year.

Is it for coaches?

Coaching one on one is great but the extent to which you can transform an organization is limited to your clients efforts. Sometimes this frustrated leaders and they keep bringing you issues related to their team, peers and other organizational player. Your support to them is also limited to what you can and cannot perceive. While you maybe experienced in facilitation and group coaching, coaching a team requires a whole set of competencies. Building these competencies is where we come in. Our approach is systemic and transformational. We bring you not just one school of thought or practice but the best practices based on decades of research and our collective experiences.

Team coaching is your next level to support your leader client in understanding and analyzing their own approaches to team leadership. In this program we introduce you to the knowledge, skills and tools you need to enter the field of coaching not just the team but the whole system and support any organizational transformation that it requires.  


carefully researched and selected to fulfill nearly 60 hours of competency based training. The training is based on three parts:

1- The team: what is a team, team development modalities, team context in organizations, organizational culture and how it influence a team, the effect on local and geographical culture on the organization and the teams in it. What are the conditions for team effectiveness, processes and success indicators. How do we diagnose a team through proper data collection and analysis of team data.  What is a team life cycle and when is the proper time to intervene with coaching. what are the different leadership roles in team performance and development.

2- The coaching: what is team coaching, what type of team coaching interventions, how do we design the intervention, the different roles of a team coach and when they are played and with whom, co-coaching, contracts and agreements in team coaching, code of ethics in team coaching.

3- Organizational systemic coaching, relational coaching, cultural coaching.

4- Group dynamics, collective awareness and other tools used in the coaching process. 

3- The coach: coach preparation and learning, coaching supervision, coaching competencies (knowledge, practices and application). Coach accreditation preparation. The learning journey and what comes after the course. 

Delivery methods

We run this course in two formats:

The online format:

Twice a year with a small group not exceeding 7 learners.  The meetings are bi-weekly every on Fridays or Sat morning depending on the attendees, for 4 hours each time. There are 12 meetings (11 for leaders) in total. In between 10 hours of self learning takes place. Later after the training another 5 hours of group coaching supervision is required for coaches seeking accreditation from ICF only, while leaders get to do their 360 Leadership Circles competency based assessment and debrief (before or during the training). In all, it takes 6 months to accomplish the training.

In-person format is only conducted once a year when there is a demand for it. It consists of 40 hours in five full days of training. After that, coaches get to do their 10 hours of self-learning and 5 hours of group coaching supervision with one or two more virtual training geared towards their accreditation. While leaders will get their 360 Leadership Circles competency based assessment and debrief.

In all cases Leaders get 40 hours of accredited coach training approved by ICF. While coaches get 60 hours. If a leader wants to be on the coaches track, we welcome them and happy to accommodate them.



For coaches: 

Coaches need to have previous coaching training of 60+ with a recognized coaching training provider. Coaches need to have one of the three accreditation (ACC, PCC, MCC or equivalent) plus over 500 hours of coaching. Coaches who do not qualify may have some other leadership experiences. this will be determined with an interview. 


Registration and enrollment

Registration is easy just follow the links on the page and proceed to online payment. Currently the offer is on discount for 2023/2024 until further notice. 

We encourage you to reach out to us in the contact us form or book a time with course instructor Dr Ghadah Angawi before you register to determine your fitness for the course and that the course meets your need. Also to determine the dates availability for you. We truly appreciate your interest and strive to customize what we offer based on your needs. 


Here is the program that will put you on track to gain a new level of competencies in coaching.

Registration open for online training in Sep 2024 throughout to last week of Feb 2025

Here are the benefits you gain by Joining

Be a leader with great coaching skills

This program is designed to get you to the level of ICF coaching competencies. You will officially receive 40 hours of ICF approved training. If you are a coach we will continue with you to reach 60 hour of training so you can use them to get your ACTA with ICF.


A wide window for full interaction with the organization

Human relations and team guidance are among the most complex forms of guidance, but it is up to you, with the Global Trainer: Dr. Ghada Anqawi.

Get a global methodology with an authentic approach to culture derived from scientific research. Standout in the world of Intercultural communication and emotional intelligence. 

The discounts

Leaders will get 20% on all products including Executive Coaching + Leadership Circles 360 assessment and a personal executive coaching session with an action plan. 

The Graduation

Upon graduation from the program, you will be awarded a certificate of 40 hours approved ICF training (for Leaders). For coaches who complete 60 hours they will get ICF Certificate of 60 hours completion to use towards their ACTC with ICF. 

What does the concept of Neocarismatic Teams focus on?

The concept of Neocharismatic Leadership focuses on leadership behavior during organizational transformation at various organizational levels. Therefore, a Neocharismatic leader relies on a leadership team that seeks to support the transformation by modeling these behaviors themselves as a team in its three stages and ten roles.

Modeling the Neocharismatic leadership behavior by the team, requires coaching for the team. It also, requires a coach with high ethical standards. The model is the only organizational transformational leadership model that comprises of ethical aspects and altruism.

These concepts are rooted in social norms, but the recent focus on profit and customer-centeredness has led our societies, in various types of organizations, to unethical behaviors, making the end justify the means. Neocharismatic leadership is not an ordinary model; rather, it is an urgent need that should be realized without delay for the sustainability of our future, through the guidance of leaders and trustworthy teams.

Dr. Ghada ANGAWI


First Step

Contact us to discuss your interest and suitability

Send us an email to get in touch with us and also to give you an early bird discount voucher.

 You can also directly book the meeting from this link


Second Step

Choose the option that suits you best

Option 1: Leaders program

This option is suitable for those who do not wish to seek accreditation but work with team as leaders, HR specialists, or even trainers for high-performance teams.

Option 2: Certified Coaches

This option is for those who wish to obtain ICF- ACTC accreditation as coaches who already hold a prior accreditation in personal individual coaching at any level: ACC (with minimal hours of 500), PCC, or MCC


Third Step

Pay the program fee 

At the bottom of the page or in the store.

You will receive a confirmation email of our receipt of the payment along with an official receipt of the transaction. A confirmation of the course schedule and start time. Other information will be sent to you based on your interest in the course (leadership or coaching accreditation). 


Fourth Step (for in-person non-virtual)

Booking the attendance flight ticket.

Booking the round trip flight from your place of residence (according to the confirmation email) if applicable.

The training duration is five days. 

Hotel reservation and accommodation booking

Following that, your reservation for your accommodation will be made. Please wait as we may be able to secure special rates for you at the same location of the course.


Further steps for coaches will be provided to them in an email after registration

As per the requirement of ICF

The program will include five hours of supervision + 10 hours of self-learning, reflection, test preparation, and performance observation by the trainer. 

Meet Dr. Ghada Angawi - Course Instructure

Ghadah Angawi’s work over the past 24 years is focused on developing leadership effectiveness based on her research on ethical transformational Neocharismatic Leadership®. Angawi’s international presence and cultural adaptability to any contexts facilitated bringing theory to practice in a simple applicable formula for leaders to assimilate and implement. Her books in Arabic and English are a witness to that. She is a strong believer in teams and the ability for people to work together to create a sustainable world, thus her latest adventure is her Neocharismatic Team Coaching Program (NTCP).

Angawi holds a MSc in Education for Sustainability from London Southbank University, a Ph.D. in Educational Management from the Institute of Education- University College London, she is also an NLP Master, Franklin Covey Certified, Advanced Practitioner with 6 Team Conditions, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessor, Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Advanced Trainer and Assessor, and finally ICF certified at PCC level. Ghadah is studying for coaching supervision right now. 

Angawi works with leaders to create purpose, self-awareness, and empathy as prerequisites for Neocharismatic Leadership®. This work on personal leadership presence and awareness is registered in the USA as Coach your Thoughts and Emotions® and is based on behavioral science and research. She believes leaders can navigate through ethical and moral issues when given the right tools and support to do so. Angawi's mission is to touch one million leaders' lives through her work. Her Podcast in both languages has reached 20K+ downloads across the world.

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For coaches


4250 5000

  • 40 training hours with practical applications compatible with ICF requirements.
  • Group dynamics, and team coaching niched practical training. 
  • One full team coaching experience with your team in your organization.
  • Discounts on remaining services of up to 40%.
  • Leadership SEI (EQ) self-assessment and 2 hours leadership development.
  •  installment possible
For coaches


4250 5000

  • 60 accredited training hours approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • 45 hours in-person/virtual training+ 10 self-learning.
  • one of five team coaching experiences towards your ACTC.
  • 5 coaching supervision sessions within the program.
  • Complete preparation for the exam. with case studies and quizzes.
  • installment possible.
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

What others say about the trainers in the program

Katie Dierkscher

Active member of the International

Coaching Federation in the state of Wisconsin

Thank you, Dr. Ghada, for the wonderful meeting. Your passion and current focus are more crucial than ever. Your highly successful presentation helped everyone move forward in the realm of cultural awareness and effective cross-cultural communication. Your high level of professionalism, combined with your natural spontaneity, created an atmosphere of trust and a safe space for immediate and deep engagement with new voices from the participants.

Bryan Burke and his organizational team.

Marketing Manager at one of the largest and most prestigious American companies in the world

Dr. Ghada was an exceptional human capital for me personally and for my entire team. During our time together, everyone improved in their communication and performance according to performance metrics. Her method and working style focused on identifying the functional roles of each leader, their strengths, and the available opportunities, which brought the team together as one unit. She used empowering questions, exercises, and practical workshops to enhance performance, benefiting not only individuals but also the team as a whole.

I feel that I am now a stronger leadership coach due to my work with her and because the system she uses promotes continuous development. My team will continue to use the techniques we learned from her to improve ourselves in the coming years.