Executive Leadership Coaching and Team Coaching

Ghadah coaching a team in healthcare 

Ghadah Angawi, PhD, is an author, speaker and researcher. Over the past 20 years her focus has been on leadership and team coaching. Her approach is built on research and experience with effective leaders as she delivers leadership development training and coaches leaders and teams. 

Executive Leadership Coaching

One-off debrief in EQ SEI 360  or CQ 360 and action planning session is always a benefit when buying an assessment with Dr Angawi. It confirms your understanding of your report and supports your next steps.  the assessment is a prerequisite for this short one-off debrief and action plan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

A package of 12- 24 coaching sessions, including the debrief, is even better if you are looking for a leadership coach. There may be a need to implement your learning from the assessment or the training so get Dr.Angawi to coach you on your Neocharismatic leadership journey. Prices are subject to change according to your needs and your chosen assessments.

Sometimes a leader will need more. That when Dr. Ghadah Angawi offers Executive Leadership Coaching and team coaching together.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is the art of supporting a team from the moment of conception to the team's completion of its mission or performance cycle through navigating its culture and performance through different tools and coaching approaches.

Dr Angawi's Team Coaching Approach

I have coached over 20 teams and their leaders at different organizations and levels of leadership. I am passionate about building trust and transparency while working with teams on interdependence and collaboration. I use the Neocharismatic leadership model fused with 6 Team conditions  and its Team Diagnostic for assessment of team performance. I also use Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and T groups.

Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS)

Dr Angawi is an advanced practitioner for  TDS, which is a Tool for assessment of team performance developed by renowned Harvard scholars Ruth Wageman; J Richard Hackman; Erin Lehman. The Tool supports team learning and measures the accuracy of team performance in key areas, which includes effectiveness. Based on a 27 page report and graphs, you get to work on the most critical issues with no time to waist. After the assessment run, a 1-2 day retreat is held to bring the team to understand the different readings and aspects that goes into their own team. A 3-9 month team coaching engagement is then agreed where team coach Dr Angawi attends a monthly or bimonthly session with the team using her unique integrative tools. Her style is calm and integrative through smooth intervention holding the space for the team to grow and develop its own competencies. 

Combined together Executive Leadership Coaching and team coaching you should rest assured you are getting the results you are looking for with the best practices and tools out there. 

TDS focuses on the six conditions of team performance as shown in the first two triangles on the left of the model. They are the essential for effective team performance. Key task processes address the work the team does to reach its peak performance. The outcome of this work shows in the team's effectiveness.



Ghadah was an incredible asset to me personally and my team as a whole with her approach to Executive Leadership Coaching and team coaching. In the time we spent together everyone improved in both the way we communicated and our performance metrics. Her process for building and improving by identifying individual’s roles in the group, their strengths and opportunities allowed us to really come together as a team. The powerful questions and exercises she used helped to improve not only individuals in the group, but our overall effectiveness as a team. I feel I am a stronger coach for having worked with Ghadah, and because the system is one of continuous improvement, my team will to use the techniques we learned to better ourselves for years to come.

Brian Burke

Market Manager

Telecommunication Industry- USA - 2018

Ghadah is one of those women that can influence you just by speaking with her, let alone by coaching you. She is proactive and practical with a mission to support leadership that impacts the world. With so many leadership efforts focused around organizations it is high time to start building leadership at much earlier stages. I found Ghadah had that vision and have found her deep insight and cultural intelligence have blessed her with a unique and valuable perspective

Martin Hedley

Executive Leader for Vision Achievement Ltd - UK - 2023