Find your Leadership Time

As a coach running my own business, I can get sucked in the daily stress of managing, forgetting to lead. In leadership, you visualize and envision, you create and solve, you think about relations and communication. On the other hand, management requires administrative tasks, regular communication, and worst, money issues.

Liberating yourself from management to lead is an art and requires discipline. Here are few things you need to do so you can get into a creative leadership role:

1- Allocate a space in your office; an armchair, a seat by the window with a view, or just turn around to another corner.

2- Specify a time in the day to put on your leadership hat.

3- Decide what are the areas in your business that require this role and what you need to ‘BE’ to fulfill it. For example, be creative, be curious, be visionary, and so forth.

4- Eliminate distraction from mobile, social media and calls.

5- set your timer so you don’t have to worry

When you enter the space, do only what is intended and be fully present. This means, move from monitoring time into being in time. I will use the metaphor of an artist who decides they will spend an hour drawing. While in the hour, they don’t think about anything else and just submerge themselves in the experience. Another metaphor is spending time with an important relationship, you don’t think about doing while you are with them, that would take you away from being with them and moves you into doing other things.

This leadership time, energizes you and propels you forward, enjoy!

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