What Coaching has done to my Life!

Five years ago, I wrote this blog and published it on my older website. I am bringing it here now so you can see the power of coaching and what it has done to my life.

Ghadah 2020

Throughout the last year, I was constantly coaching my family members, friends, and colleagues. It felt good to have this new skill where people wanted to communicate with me, talk to me, listen, and even ask for advice. Before coaching existed in my life, and as a trainer, I applied many of the coaching skills unintentionally. Now, being aware of how effective coaching is, I became more alert to the presence of others as unique individuals who need to be heard, supported, and gently guided.

In my relationship with my kids and family, I became relaxed knowing that I don’t need to change anyone or plan anyone’s life. I only need to be there, support and love. I enjoy this role to this moment and do nothing of the pushing and advising that was in place just a year before. My kids became more appreciative of this fact and they can better relate to me as a mother.

I also have a wonderful husband who seems to communicate on the same level I do. I met my husband after I was coached many times on achieving my dreams. He seemed to fit all I wanted and had already decided who he would be and what he look like during my coaching sessions. I still find it amazing that we talk about our dreams and wishes positively and, when supported by a wonderful, motivating coach, these dreams seem to actualize quicker and much easier. Not that there weren’t any difficulties, but it was just what I planned and visualized happening. I am not sure if my husband was also at this level of communication with me before he met me, or I influenced him to become a husband-coach!

Either way, coaching improved my life personally and the benefits are still coming. If I don’t achieve anything other than that, it’s worth the training and effort. I am writing this as I launch my website in its new and updated format. This website was also the result of the power of coaching. If you are reading this blog, I assure you, you are too the result of my wish to be heard and make the knowledge and wisdom I have gained through coaching and my life experiences available. So don’t stop here, approach me to hand over to you some of my powerful, inspirational thoughts, and let me be your coach.

Ghadah 2014

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