Navigating Fear through Coach your Thoughts and Emotions

When she told me how she experiences fear every time she leaves home to go shopping or run errands, I thought it was the fear of catching the virus which seems to be very widespread these days. It turns out that the fear she was experiencing is something else! I guided her through the Coach your Thoughts and Emotions process which turned out to be all she needed to regain control. 

At first, my client thought that her fear came from someone harming her, chasing her, or kidnapping her. That’s what she told me, but again, she said she didn’t know, she just found herself rushing out of the supermarket or running towards the safety of her car feeling as though someone was pursuing her. 

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Her reactions were provoked by a fear that was not very clear to her. She did not know where it came from. To make things worse, the fear of getting ‘that fear’ made her plan carefully her drives and shopping journeys. This prevented her from doing other things that popped up like stopping for ice cream or coffee when she felt like it. She came to me wanting to find her true self in the process and not just be given a tactic or a strategy to conquer fear. For her, she wanted to know, to gain clarity, and come to the root of her thoughts and the patterns that lead to her reactions. 

In ‘Coach your Thoughts and Emotions’, it really doesn’t matter what the root cause of your fear is as much as the pattern that takes place in your mind. I worked with her for a few months and witnessed her ability to analyze her thoughts, patterns, and emotions. She learned the rules of the game well and was able to replace specific thoughts that triggered different emotions. This led to different behaviors. Now that she knows the secrets of harnessing her mind, she is empowered to choose how she reacts. This newly gained confidence made her journeys less tense and more enjoyable. The power of self-awareness is the secret to Coaching your Thoughts and Emotions. 

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