The Art of Joy

There are a few kinds of joy: Physical – which we all experience through sensations, mental – when we experience success or achievement, and emotional – which accompanies all.

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 When you watch the sun setting, hear the sound of the waves, smell the sea, or feel the sand under your feet, there is a sensory joy but also a flood of emotions.

When you observe the desert around you that extends to the horizon, feel the warmth of its dunes sliding under your feet, and smell the dust, there are sensory experiences of joy but also a flood of emotions.

When you hold a flower in your hand, admire its colors, feel its petals, and its smell penetrates your lungs, that is a very sensory experience that also brings about a lot of emotions.

There are numerous sensory experiences that we go through every day or all the time but we don’t stop to notice. Joy and pleasure are there but when you direct them towards something that violates your own morals and values in life, the sensations might be experienced but the emotions are far more painful and ugly than the temporary sensations of the moment.

Spiritual experiences bring another type of emotion that can provoke sensations. Your heart beats, your tears flow, your hair stands and maybe your whole body is wrapped with serenity and calmness.

What stands between you and joy? Why do you keep running around and not stop to breathe and enjoy your breath? Is not joy a right you deserve? Don’t have the time?

Let me remind you that when you combine joy with physical experiences, you tap into your own emotional intelligence: Food and sleep become joyful, Friendships and socializing feed your soul and not only serve their own purpose. Love to others brings more joy!

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