Accepting our bodies- part 1

When you first greeted the world, everyone heard you signal your arrival with a loud cry as though it were for overcoming birth victoriously with your mother – that first battle of life.


You were sure of yourself at that moment, you made sure to make it clear what you wanted and everyone was rushing to respond to you despite your small stature and weakness. Who are you in that moment? you are (your name) in body and spirit. And your body is the vessel for your spirit, and to this day carries your pains and dreams, your joys and sadnesses, your being and personality… and it will stay with you in this long journey across the steep and gentle slopes of life. Your body is your lifelong partner and the carriage for your emotional and spiritual baggage. It takes the role of the car bumper between you and the outside world while being a great teacher for the lessons that come as a result. If you opened your mind and heart to what your body gives you in benefits and lessons then you will have enough wisdom to carry on with it until the end.

Your relationship with your body is directly related to your relationship with yourself and your spirit, which affects your relationship with the people around you. I mean by this that you love your form and accept it without knocking it down and hurting it with words and actions. Instead, see every corner of it as a blessing and an expression of beauty. Then, you will see the most beautiful of your features and the positives of your character which will increase your self-confidence in return. You will start seeing others in the same light overlooking their minor flaws. You will have a mindset of how can we better ourselves? rather than :how ugly I am. The kind of relationship between you and your body determines the kind of life you will live. The skill we need to acquire here is:

“How to create a pact of peace with our own bodies”.

A measure of whether this is the case is whether your assumptions that if you were taller, thinner, fatter, shorter… then you would look better. This assumption even if to a small degree can tell you that you need to be more accepting. Acceptance is when you are satisfied with what is given to you in life and you are convinced by it. If you are then someone who spends a great deal of time and effort in improving your appearance and caring for it then your body becomes a nightmare that chases you wherever you go and dismisses all the important concerns that need your attention around you. You decide.

A higher skill level with the body is a celebration! you start celebrating your body. Seeing it as unique and adorable. You enjoy being you. This will be another topic for a future part 2 post.


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